T H E  P I T


12 . 9 . 2013



The Brief

Built as an entry to the Planet Minecraft ‘Nether Empire Contest’ competition, the brief was a Nether-themed build built into a harsh, apocalyptic landscape. The concept and theme was open to interpretation, giving us significant creative control over the project.

The Build

We combined the themes of industry and the netherworld to create a nightmarish industrial facility, built into the deepest recesses of the Earth. Heavy machinery transports and processes vast quantities of lava and rock in this epic landscape, later converted into a Survival Games map for the LegendaryCraft server network.



Day Turnaround

The Client

LegendaryCraft is one of Minecraft’s largest and oldest server networks, made up of Minecade and OlimpoCraft, the world’s largest Spanish-speaking Minecraft server community. We have worked with LegendaryCraft on a wide range of projects including server spawns, PvP arenas and Villager Defense maps.

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