C L I M A T E  H O P E  C I T Y


12 . 6 . 2015






The Brief

We were asked by the Guardian newspaper to build a modern vision of urban living in a clean and sustainable city in Minecraft. We needed to use existing green technologies and prototypes to create a positive image for sustainable living, which also seemed achievable and not too far off reality. The build is part of the Guardian’s Keep it in the ground campaign.


The Build

Although the build itself has a somewhat fantasy feel, we used many existing structures for our architectural inspiration; for instance the organic shapes of Zaha Hadid’s work, as well as some exciting new concepts such as biodome design for Amazon’s new Seattle headquarters. The city itself has a very organic layout, following curves and spirals. The main path of the map spirals towards the center – a structure based of the dome of London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral, which we have converted into a biodome.




Day Turnaround

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