P A L L A D I A N  M I N E C R A F T


3 . 10 . 2015





 The Brief

To celebrate the Royal Institute of British Architects’ latest exhibition, we have created a Minecraft gaming experience dedicated to teaching people the symmetry and principles of one of architecture’s most influential figures: Andrea Palladio.


 The Build

Our single player map allows you to firstly explore our own recreation of Palladio’s infamous Villa Rotunda, and then create your own villa using our custom game mechanic. We have pre-built a variety of architectural assets to use, as well as floor plans of 5 of Palladio’s villas.
We can’t wait to see what you create! Share your finished Palladian builds on social media using the hashtag #palladianminecraft and both BlockWorks and the RIBA shall share our favourites. You can download the map here.





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