T H E  W A L L


 1 . 10 . 2014






The Brief

A Villager defense map based on a location from the Game of Thrones franchise which provides a siege scenario for two teams, one defending and the other attacking, all set in an awe-inspiring Minecraft build.


The Build

Castle Black, the headquarters of the ‘Night’s Watch’ military order, sits behind a monumental wall of ice and snow. Only one gate provides access through this wall, strictly controlled by the defenses of the castle.



Day Turnaround

The Client

LegendaryCraft is one of Minecraft’s largest and oldest server networks, made up of Minecade and OlimpoCraft, the world’s largest Spanish-speaking Minecraft server community. We have worked with LegendaryCraft on a wide range of projects including server spawns, PvP arenas and Villager Defense maps.

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